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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Bee Blocks - I will do better!

Hello and welcome to March. This blog post was written in January however I neglected to press post. So January to March, the journey.  So this year I will:

1. Sew my stash - I have been shopping the sales so still have way too much fabric

2. Try and curtail my sewing spending - this is always the toughest - see above

January Bee Block

3. Blog regularly - I love writing and love looking back on what I am doing. 

Quilt 2 of 4 Niece and Nephew quilts

4. Keep up to date on my Wee Bee Canadian committments. 

February Bee Block

Health Goals and update:

Top of all the goals is to bring my sugar markers down. I started intermittant fasting a year ago and my sugar markers are still elevated. This month I am tightening up on my eating window to 10 - 4. Let's see if that moves the stubborn numbers. Also last year I quit drinking alcohol and carbonated beverages, I really did think that would make a difference with the sugar numbers. It did not. GRR

I have just recieved a diagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma. It is the red dot just down from the ear. I know, doesn't look like much. Just waiting for a call from the Skin Clinic.

Establish a daily yoga and meditation practice. This is a continuation of my yoga teacher training. I had a problem with my hip where I could not sit on the floor, very difficult to do yoga! I have a new chiropractor and we have mostly sorted through the problem. I am so looking forward to being able to move my body!

I would like to say get the house uncluttered but I don't really want to, so if it happens, great. Or not. I would like to live a life less cluttered.

Be the best me I can be! I can get behind that! I am looking forward to seeing who that is!

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