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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WIP Wednesday - Monkey Brain

I have monkey brain or whatever the quilting equivalent is. I decided to finish up my nephews quilt, it had been sitting rolled up since the move. So pinned and quilted it. Yeah. Added the binding, again yeah. And there it is sitting.
 As I dug my nephews quilt out I saw the Fairy Check quilt just sitting there in squares. Sewed it up. Yeah. Back is too small, grrr, so it sits.
Thought I might sit and hand sew my Tula, there it sits. Just have one side left!
Arg it is near the end of May and I need to do my bee blocks. Drop everything and cut squares.
Oh daughter is over, lets do mindless sewing. So dug out yet another old project. If they are over 2 years are they still WIPs?
Dug out backing for 2 pieces of Frozen fabric for my granddaughter. Just going to do a quick right sides together sandwich. It is to match her sisters bday quilt. Pictures are coming.
Charlie is a top. Yeah! Need I say more. Monkey brain.