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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WIP Wednesday

So I am writing this on the weekend. Am I the only one who was trying to do posts on Tuesday night? The light was bad, I did not have everything out, scrambling. I am such a bad forward thinker.

Enter the new me!!! Wonder how long it will last?

The baby quilt is quilted and the binding sewn on. I have never sewn so badly in my entire life. I did not tape my quilt back down thinking I could get away with smoothing and more smoothing. Not so! I have puckers in the back, the sides are not even, and I kept going. I kept telling myself a baby quilt that is finished is WAY better than one thrown in the corner in disgust. Besides now I get to do my favourite part, hand sewing the binding! Yeah!!!

No I am not showing a picture of the back!

Placemats - no movement

9 square blocks - nothing

On a personal note. I have been to my naturopath. And have been told, no more wheat. Now this is not a new thing, I have been gluten free and dairy free for years. No big deal. However, with grief came HUGE CRAVINGS for McDonalds Egg McMuffins! Yummy!!! Bad for me on so many levels, the wheat, the cheese, the nitrates and nitrites. Now I knew this was coming, I have swelling of the feet and lower legs, pitting edema actually, swelling in the knee, that makes yoga a real challenge, pain in my hip so I can'g lie on that side, and pain in my neck. The only bonus is I can still hold a needle. When I started down this wheat free path my hands were so sore I could not hold a pencil.

Ahh, to concentrate on the little things. Isn't life grand.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Reflections from the Ides of February

Today as I celebrate this morning I am remembering Rob. The last years were difficult but in the midst of the cancer journey we had some wonderful times. They were not as they used to be, we became very sedentary. Hence the start up of quilting. Our life was long walks on the sea wall or through Stanley Park. When mobility became an issue we transitioned to a cane, two canes, walker, and finally wheelchair for outings. Our pace went from brisk, to slower, to a meander. You can enjoy a lot when you are not rushing past. Today the trees are budding, the snowdrops are up and people are smiling at the sun. There is an energy that emanates from everyone. Fabulous!

So with all that energy I went to yoga class.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Finishes

Forget all the things I was to be making, my skill builder block, my bee block, and the placemats, I started a new project.

I used Tonga Treats for some of the squares. By the way, am I the only person that thinks they are not square? They are almost square, so as soon as I lined up my blocks to the same orientation sewing progressed with way less aggravation and almost swearing (cause I do not do that).

So the blocks are finished, just need to sew them together.

On the personal front I am using some Bauch Flower and Homeopathic remedies. Get back in the box you overwhelming feelings. Later!!!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday Finishes

Friday again, so soon, how does that happen?

I had big plans for finishes this week. Did not happen. I do however have WIP's.

The green squares are now a top, yeah! This was to have been a Christmas gift, now it will be birthday.

These 2 baby quilts are pinned and ready to go. The baby's have already been born so I need to create my own deadline. I found this pattern on the Moda Bake Shop here. The Jungle Path pattern by Jessica Kelly, who blogs here, made up really quickly, she gives fabulous directions.

I also need to start my daughters placemats. Deadline March 18. Love the fabric, she gave it to me for my birthday. I would never have picked out this fabric myself, but I love it. And best of all I know she will too!!!

No progress on block 2 of the Skill Builder. It is still in pieces.

On the personal front I have now spent two nights by myself. Night one I had dinner with my daughter and got home at 9:00. Bedtime. Last night I arrived home from work at 5:45, as usual. I had plans to do all this quilting. I have two baby quilts pinned and a ready to go. I have my brothers top finished, I could look to see if I had batting, I could sew up the back for the quilt. All I wanted to do was start a new project, I almost talked myself into going to the store to buy more material. I had monkey brain. So I came to my sewing space and started looking for ......which lead to tiding, which led to some order. Phew!! Bedtime!! First night home alone, made it. All the time the apartment is empty and I am rushing around trying to fill the void. The void is in me, it goes everywhere I do.

I am not alone, I live in the Creator's world. Comforting.

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

January Finishes 2013

I am quite pleased with January. Two blocks for different bees, the skill builder (one block only), and two sets of placemats.

I finished the Asterisk Blocks and sent them off. First bee blocks ever! They are for the Simply Solids Bee. The fabric was sent out for this, so not so nerve wracking on the choose fabric front. I did, however, rip out seams, not too many, as the blocks were for someone else. Interesting personal challenge as I have never sewn for someone not family. Suddenly I would not send out something that would be good enough if they were staying home.

I also finished my We Bee Canadian blocks and mailed them off. Hopefully Nita will receive them soon. And I really hope she likes them. I had to pick the fabric for the blocks. My second bee blocks.

Two new sewing firsts!!

On the personal front still wrapped in cotton batting. Not a bad way to get through the days. Family, friends and co workers have been very supportive. They are taking care of the day to day stuff, like shopping and cooking. My standard response to "how are you" is "I'm getting by, putting one foot in front of the other". Starting to feel some cracks around the edges, sadness is seeping in. I am progressing in the grieving process.

Thank goodness for bee blocks and deadlines!

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