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Saturday, 29 October 2016

My first Commission Quilt

Finished. And delivered to my daughter. Her friends baby is not due until January but I definitely did not want to wait. Christmas sewing is up next! I love Christmas sewing!
I made this with a lot of the same fabrics I made Baby B's quilt. That was the request. Just found a couple of fabrics in my stash. Win!
I used this cute alphabet print. It is adorable.

Happy to have this quilt done.

Baby quilt #9

Happy Halloween

We are off to a Halloween party tonight. And I am dressing up as a witch! Type casting at its best.
For the Boys is finished! I love this quilt!
 I promised my nieces and nephews that when they turned 21 I would make them a quilt. My nephew informed me last year that he was now 20 and wanted his quilt. Good thing he gave me warning as it has taken a year to make this quilt.
I first asked him what he wanted, no reply. So I asked his mom, she said black and blue, do something with that. I had no idea until I saw Jen Kingwell's fabulous quilt For the Boys. It was love at first sight. I then started looking for music themed and or blue fabric. He is a fabulous musician. Why is it when you are looking for something it is so hard to find? Not a lot of music themed prints to be found. I did however find this fabulous guitar fabric. Lots of the blue fabric is from my stash. Win!
Then I had to chose the sashing fabric. I was definitely influenced by Jen's quilt in the book and used the Black and Tan. It might have been the colours she used that drew me to this quilt to begin with. Rob used to love his Black and Tan (a beer drink with Guinness and a pale ale, to be poured in layers).
Sewing the blocks was a piece of cake. Sewing it together was the challenge! Not sure what I found so difficult but my seam ripper was in constant in use.
For the back I used a Kaffee Fassett fabric. This is tradition! Most of the quilts for Rob's family I try and use some of Kaffee's fabric.

Did I already mention I love this quilt? Very pleased with this finish.