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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

WIP Wednesday - French General quilt

This is a retirement quilt for my cousin-in-law. Not sure how this snuck up on me but I am now making a quilt. It is to coordinate with my cousin's retirement quilt I made two years ago. The French General materials are perfect. Her colours and school kids on the material for a retired teacher.
I ordered Rue Indiana and it just came in. Yeah! I am thinking of a St. Louis block as he loves music!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Grow Your Blog

Hello and thanks for visiting. I have signed up with Vicki for Grow Your Blog. Thanks Vicki for the wonderful opportunity.

I started blogging as a way to keep track of quilting blogs. I received an iPad for Christmas and all of a sudden there was a huge wonderful world of ideas, tutorials, new fabric (oh I love fabric), and wonderful community. It is this blogging community that kept me sane and motivated. Thank you all!
                                 Placemats for my sisters in law. They were to look like trees!

I have been sewing all my life, however, only making quilts sporadically. I made my first quilt when I got married 33 years ago. A log cabin. Of course I knew nothing about making quilts and did not quilt it. Just used it as a duvet cover. All the seams pulled apart with use.
Second quilt was when my dad was sick. 1992 was written on the binding. My first and last label.
Then I made a quilt for my first grandchild and I was bit with the quilting bug—hard. Just love it. It has been my solace and comfort. Few things in life have given me as much pleasure and joy as making a quilt for all the special people in my life.
I make quilts to be used. I tell everyone they are not heirlooms and they need to be used.
I really like squares. Plus quilts, square in a square, and squares. I am also a big fan of straight line quilting. I like to have a least 5 projects on the go so I can jump from project to project. If I do not have a quilt ready to hand sew I will put the binding on before it is finished being quilted just so I can sit and sew the binding on. I am a big believer in the galloping horse, if you cannot see the mistake from the back of a galloping horse it is good enough for me. I like bright colours. I like mixes of colour and I like monochromatic colour schemes too.
I love reading my quilt blogs. Thank you quilt bloggers for the inspiration and community!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WIP Wednesday

A top for another baby blanket. I cannot get enough of the 30's reproductions. Love the cute little bunnies and distinct colours. Cannot wait to meet the little one this top will belong to.

Better hustle up and finish as he was due last Sunday!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

1st Tree Skirt Done!!!

The first tree skirt is done. Yeah! Now it feels like a Christmas gift. Love this tree skirt and love the fabric. Quilted with my go to wavy lines on the seams. Super quick.

 I cut extra squares last year when I was making the matching quilt.
The back is white with snow flakes so if she goes for the serene look it is there. So technically a 2014 finish I am going to count it in 2015. The first finish! Yeah!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January planned finish

My daughters Christmas present tree skirt! I just have to sew the binding down. It feels almost like a cheat!

Happy New Year!

I have had a fabulous vacation. Way too much food and other celebratory things! Nothing like overindulgence to make the new year a long awaited arrival. Clean eating is topping the list with regular walking a close second. None of these are new for me so just have to knuckle under and do it. I am going to continue on the fabric diet. Fell off the wagon so to speak and bought tons of fabric at the sales, so have lots of fun projects to do.

The Q1 list:

My nephew's quilt, it keeps getting bumped but I do want him to have it for his birthday. I do have until July. It is a sewn together top!
I saw a tree skirt on the Made to Treasure Blog and fell in love! She guided me to the tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company. So I made two. One for my youngest and one for my eldest daughters. They are in the same range as their Christmas blankets from last year. These need to be finished.

Kate Spain for K.
Jan Shade Beach for M.
Plus quilt. Sewing the binding down. Love hand sewing.
Baby blanket for my cousin's new grandson.
And a few more cut out for all the baby's on the way.
My Tula Pink Quilt. Not sure whether to hand or machine bind this one. Love hand binding. Love this quilt!
And Strawberry Fields. Started this quilt way back. Somehow when I was reading the directions I missed where it said "Advanced". Just could not wrap my head around it. It is in the first Material Obsession  book.
And last a Christmas quilt I started for me at least ten years ago. I took a workshop and started the quilt, however my ruler had the incorrect angles marked on it. So borrowed one, and she wanted it back. In hindsight I do not know why I did not go buy another one. No picture, however when you see it completed you will know it is at least that old! Roses galore!

And it all might get bumped as I am going to test a pattern, yippee! This was definitely on my bucket list! So excited.

Happy New Year to all!