Quilting fun for family and friends!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

And a finish!

Done! And with a week to spare!

The 16 patch has been on my must make list since I started quilting. I just love the look, so even and square. And this quilt did not disappoint.
I used a French General jelly roll in the line Rue Indienne.

And for the back this fun music print! Harry plays in several bands so this is perfect! The binding is left over jelly roll strips. Ha, I had to open a new jelly roll to get the last two blocks.
Love this quilt. I think I see another 16 patch in my future.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

WIP Wednesday - Flimsy Edition part 2

I received an email invitation from my cousin, for her birthday bash. How did it happen to be August already! I have not finished her partners retirement quilt from February! Eeeek! So mad dash at the sewing machine and I have a flimsy. Phew! I had to quickly make 2 more blocks, because I did not know, or had forgotten, that Jelly Rolls only have 40 strips. Why do they put different numbers of pieces in the different pre-cut packs? Cakes have 42, a perfect number for a 6 x 7 square quilt.
Of course I think that at 48 x 56 it is a bit small but the other half of me says "Oh well! Get it done!" The justifications run like this. He is a short guy, I am out of time, better a quilt than not a quilt. It is an okay size for a lap quilt. And on and on.
And a baby quilt for my friend's first grand baby. It was due in July. 

Not sure if I have batting at home so may have to cobble a batting (or 2) together. How did I get so far behind?