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Monday, 29 February 2016

OMG February

Did I say last month how much I love this One Monthly Goal? I love it. Instead of putting Nanny's Love Quilt away I finished it!!! Yeah! And finished a 2016 First Quarter Goal!
The pattern calls for ric rac and heart buttons which I may or may not add. Buttons could be a choking hazzard and I still have new babies coming into the family.
The binding was to be a variety of flowered pieces from the quilt top, but I had enough of the pink stripe material left, love it!
February's OMG done!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Baby Quilts Finished - Yeah!

I love having a deadline. Baby shower at 11:30 Friday. I got up at 5:00 this week to finish up the two baby quilts needed for today. I had already decided I could gift them unfinished, but finished is better. And it's a finish for my 2016 First Quarter Goal!

DNA quilt. Love Kate Spain and the Sunnyside fabric grew on me for the babyquilt. That plus my grandson loved it.

I am very proud of this next baby quilt. I consider this a scrap quilt so I am extremely pleased it turned out. It was all the leftovers from the Asterix quilt finished in January.

Baby quilts 2 & 3 finished and gifted! Yeah!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

I had so much fun making these mug rugs. The 9 square idea is from Sew Lux.
 The one patch valentine mug rugs are the left overs from Nanny's Love Quilt.
They were a big hit with the family!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

WIP Wednesday - Long Weekend Style

We had a long weekend, Family Day in BC. I was sick with a cold all weekend. Growl! Beautiful weather and I could not enjoy it. Too sick to even want to sew, gasp! I did manage some progress and this is always heartening.

Worked on my Valentine's Day quilt, Sweet Little Words. All the blocks are done. I am calling this Nanny's Love Quilt!

Finished all the blocks for the Wee Play Shortcake quilt. Love this one!
Ironed and sewed a few squares of the truck quilt. Looking really cute however I think more contrast in the blocks would be better. I have wanted to make this pattern forever. It is a moda bakeshop pattern that caught my eye years ago and it is living up to its promise.
I started some Valentine's Day mug rugs for my family based on a tutorial I saw on the Sew Lux Blog.
Oh and I finished a baby quilt top. Not one of the 5 I had on my list mind you!
And started another! This one was on my list. Not sure i am liking the colours but will sew it up and see if it grows on me.
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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

OMG - February

As it is February I find myself thinking of love. I have some fabulous children's books I bought last year. Consider Love" and "Pigs in Love" are real favourites at my house.
My OMG goal for February is to finish my Valentine's Day Quilt. I figure if I put it off it may not be ready for next year!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

WIP Wednesday - Focus!

This week was much better for focus. I completed the 2nd flimsy of Sunnyside DNA quilt and it is quilted.
 This quilt turned out much smaller than anticipated. So I started putting the borders on. I think this will be a much better size.
The first flimsy of the Sunnyside DNA quilt had an oopsie. Grrr! Sure glad I took a picture of it. That was how I caught the mistake.
No fabric purchased this week!!!