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Monday, 29 May 2017

Log Cabin Slice - Complete

Log Cabin Slice or Melinda's Quilt is complete. I had a few problems with the layout on this one. So when in doubt contact the recipient. She had no problems picking out the layout she liked.
I had bought the two different green and white fabrics and loved it in the border. Win! All the rest of the top was from my stash!
I think I mixed up what I was going to do with the borders, as I was hoping for the white/green border then have the purple border with the binding wrap the quilt. I do not mind it like this and I sure wasn't going to take it apart. But it was a real note to self ....write notes so I know what I had planned and what I had cut. I cut the border width by dividing the fabric I had by the six pieces I would need.
The backing was also from my stash.Amazing that the stash keeps growing!
Delivered to the birthday girl and already well loved!
I am calling this down 6 metres of fabric.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

April Bee Blocks and Start Ups

April Bee Blocks are done and in the mail!! Yeah! Winging their way to their new home. The pattern was from Sew Fresh Quilts and is really easy to follow. I did not tempt fate and made the chickens all facing the same direction.
 I will be doing a guest post for Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict so thought I should get a move on the Christmas quilt. This has been a plan for a while so looking forward to having a Christmas quilt AND decorating Martins house. Not sure I've told him yet, but I'm thinking turkey dinner and all the trimmings. July 15 is my date, I am quite excited. Aren't those fairies the cutest!

I have been working on my Grandmas Attic quilt and I am in love. It is taking way more HSTs than I thought and I am making the second batch.
Melinda has reminded me, subtly, several times, that she is waiting for her quilt. Her birthday is next weekend so best get this thing finished up! I am ready to be done with it. How did it get to be May already.
I started a new baby quilt that I am very pleased with. Everything was going well until I decided to start from the other corner and work into the middle. Erg, both sides are now not the same. I threw it in a bag and there it sits. I am sure it will not take much to fix it but it went from being a cut up and sew super fun project to a oops now I have to think about it project. The only way it will get dragged out is when the mom to be gets to be nine months, or they have a baby shower. I hope I have at least a month or two.
This is my second commission quilt. By another daughter, I have three, and no, for those that asked, I did not get paid for the first one.