Quilting fun for family and friends!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

February Bee Block

The cutest block! From Objects of Design. Sally Trude is amazing. My poodle turned out at 14 inches, I think it was to be 10.5, my bee mate said send it anyways.
I was offered help in pinning Brandon's quilt. No more procrastination allowed. We had the help of three children under 5 but managed to get it done.  I was going to tape it on he diagonal and in the end I went with what was easiest. And I am very pleased with it.
Worked a bit on my 9 squares.

And had a look at my 16 squares.
Had another go at the Martin Mudder. We now have wood for another couple of weeks in the shed. It will be nice when we no longer have to make fires to keep warm. I bought seed for the garden this weekend at Seedy Saturday. The greenhouse was up to 15 today!! Almost time to garden!!!