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Monday, 19 February 2018

February Finish

I have a new niece. Actually it is a new 1st cousin twice removed. (I think). I am sending her the 30's 16 square.
And because I am behind this is her big brothers quilt. But they are both done! 
This was an idea I saw somewhere and it has been in my mind forever. I bought the fabric years ago and put it on the shelf. This was the perfect opportunity to use it.

I made 28 hour glass blocks and found 28 different "I Spy" fabrics. Some are more child like than others. I needed one more hourglass for the layout, which I did not have. I thought about piecing the fabric to get enough but in the end decided to use the remainder as two stripes down the middle. I think it looks great!
From my stash - abacus and hourglass - minus 12 metres!! From stash!!

On a side note we never - hardly ever - get snow so this was very special. The power went out and I was this close to sending Martin out to make coffee on the barbecue. He is so lucky the power came on when it did. The quilt is draped over the small tree that fell over during the night.