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Sunday, 27 April 2014

April Fabric Fast

So when do you record a fabric purchase, when you order the fabric or when it comes in? So the two fabrics I have purchased are acceptable under the terms of the fast.
The quilt back for my charity quilt. This is charity quilt number two for me. Kind of weird having people bid and pay actual money for a quilt I made.

The second purchase is for a Veracruz quilt that my friend wants me to make for her mother! A commission, sort of. I purchased the fabric for the quilt and she will pay me for the fabric. I will get the left overs!!! Win!!! Fabric and I did not buy it!!!! It has come in and I love it. Love!!! The colours are bright and beautiful. I have, however, since purchasing said fabric decided the pattern is making a quilt that is too big. So I will scale it back by a dozen blocks! What this means is more fabric for me! Or a matching throw for my friend, we will see.
I purchased the fabrics from Hawthorne Threads. Fabulous service and very fast.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

WIP Wednesday

I have completed my February bee block! Yeah! And it is in the mail!
I have also just finished one of the March bee blocks! Yeah again! It is not in the mail yet.
The other March and April bee blocks still to go. They are both paper piecing so I have to work my courage up. Both blocks look fabulous so I am looking forward to adding them to my repertoire of made blocks.

I completed my Ride for Cancer charity quilt. Found this cute pattern on line. Love it! Super cute! Checked Out by Gayle Camargo. Super easy, fabulous directions, looks fabulous! Thanks Gayle.

The owl fabric is by Alexander Henry and the backing is from my local quilt store. I got to go shopping!!!!

My girls were over for Easter so we laid out two quilts. Just need to sew them together now. No picture of the second as it was an idea that was long overdue and finally executed! For my nephews birthday in July. I may even make the deadline.
Pinned this quilt! I took it out to add the borders and low and behold I had already put them on! And pieced the back! There must be little quilt fairies running around as I do not remember doing any of that!
So it was a fabulous couple of weeks of  sewing! Wish I remembered it! I may want to duplicate the output again!

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Q2 Finish Along

I missed last quarters reporting so am very keen to get the want-to-finishes mapped out. I find a listing helps to firm up a plan. If nothing else I will have an accurate list of what is hiding in my room.

1. I realize the top two are not bonifide WIPS as they are finished but I am adding them here as I have not photographed them or sent them to their recipients. They have been sitting for over a month waiting, probably closer to two.
2. Same as one above.
3. Blue Celtic Garden Quilt - needs a border to finish the top
4. Green quilt - finish sewing blocks
5. Green and Pink Quilts - finish sewing blocks. These are in the same number as I am making two quilts together with different accents. I am hopeful it will work but if not it will be a green quilt.
6. Sea glass quilt
7. Check quilt - layer and quilt. This is a charity quilt for an auction. My second quilt people are to bid on. Strange feeling. The first auction I bid on the quilt myself until I felt the price was high enough. No photo, oops.

8. Sunnyside quilt - layer and quilt
9. Baby girl quilt - my go to for girls is Aneela Hoey. Love Aneela! No photo

10. Star quilt
11. Nevermore quilt - May birthday deadline
12. Seascapes - July deadline
13. Traveller quilt - August wedding deadline

Okay this is bad, I did not even have to stretch for this list!

Now for the really reaching finishes - they are both Christmas quilts so not feeling the pressure. Phew.

14. Sew down the binding on my Christmas quilt
15. Find all the bits for a quilt I started maybe 10 years ago. Diamond pattern. Did not finish this quilt as my ruler did not have a 60 degree angle on it. Can you believe it? What an excuse!!!

This list does not include my economy block, 9 block, stripe or cuzco or seranade or urban cowgirl or bungle jungle quilts. Still not reaching but I will quit with the list as I am now totally deprressed and going back to bed and drawing the covers over my head. I thought this would be way more encouraging instead of overwhelming. And I still want to buy more fabric!!!

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