Quilting fun for family and friends!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Christmas Panel Baby Quilt

I call these my two year old quilts. They sometimes do not get finished until the child is three but pretty close. I like to give them at the beginning of December so they have all of December to cuddle with their special blanket.
 This panel is fabulous and I love the backing. Flannel makes it extra cozy.
25 more sleeps!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Strawberry Field completed

Not sure when I started this quilt but looking back through my blog I mentioned it in January 2015. A three years old WIP, not too bad.
My friend and past co worker just completed her PhD. I am so proud of her. Working full time, raising an infant to a toddler, and completing her theses.
I threw this quilt in the corner as I could not wrap my head around it, it said challenging, I thought they were kidding. When I brought it out again it was doable. I never think I am gaining skills as a quilter but I guess I am. I usually pick patterns or blocks that are easy and doable as quilting is my relaxing time. I do not wish to struggle.

Love this material.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Christmas Count Down - 47 sleeps

I am making quilts for Christmas. Three twin quilts are done!! Yeah! 2 Coral of the Sea

and one pirate. I am not sure why but cutting borders always stalls my projects. These three quilts need an inner and outer border cut and sewn on. Then they are done. I need to cut all the squares for one more pirate quilt.

Done for Christmas, Brandon's quilt. Finished photos to come
Byron's 2 year old Christmas quilt.
To do Tatum's quilt, flimsy complete.

Andrew's quilt needs to be put together

and Jerome's quilt needs to be picked apart. grrrr!