Quilting fun for family and friends!

Friday, 28 September 2018

Robi's Quilt

My local quilt store had the most adorable fish fabric ever! I have now made two big boy quilts for the boys. I am using the same pattern for all the grandkids. That way if more come along they will all be similar if not the same.
I would have gotten better pictures however he would not let me take it off his bed.
Reminder for next time to take pictures prior to gifting.
Someone was after my plums!

Friday, 14 September 2018

Is it September?

How did that happen? The summer flew by with lots of family time, gardening, trips to the beach, picking berries and very little sewing. So fun. Black currents are my new favourite, used to be blackberries, oh and raspberries, yes love the taste of summer.

My granddaughter made a quilt, picked the fabric and design, and we sewed together. Super fun but a lot of work and probably too big a project for the first time. I ended up finishing it. She really just likes the creative part not the real work. Lol don’t we all.

I made this log cabin and am stalled as I am not sure if I want to add slashing or leave as is.
I liked it so much I started another one.
And a couple of baby blankets in the works. The ladies I work with are busy creating families. There are two boys coming up, one in December the other in February. And an unknown due September 17, my mom’s birthday. The other unknown is my daughter, due in February. I am very excited. I obviously had a thing for Janet Clare the day I went shopping.

Working on my last grandchild quilt! Yeah, it was a bee block.