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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WIP'S Wednesday

Working on this fun quilt. Sort of slowed down on the quilting as I am unsure of what to bind it in. 
Love the Lotus Leaf I usually use but...
maybe stay the same with the dark purple...
however could go scrappy...
not having a ah hah moment where it seems to click. Wait, that picture looked pretty good!

Amy at 13 Spools http://www.13spools.com/ had a great post on adult play. What it is and what it is not. Lots to think on. Lots of concepts to embrace and put into practice. I think I will measure my fun today on a scale of 1 - 5. Taking the bus and reading my book 4, walking home from work and not reading my book 4....is there a 5 in my day? I will keep myself open for the opportunity.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

WIP Wednesday

I am finally putting the binding on Jordan's quilt. Yeah!!! No more guilt for Nanny. Every time I said I was going to sew, she said "Jordan's quilt?" Of course I have not finished quilting it, just sewing the binding to a half quilted quilt.
 I bought the backing for the last two placemats. Still unsure if this will be Christmas! I have my doubts I can wait that long but who knows. 

Lady of the Lake. Love the colours on this one. Of course, Kaffe Fasset is one of my favourites. I think this is my fifth quilt with his fabrics. Love!!

Love the shot cottons too. So light, not as heavy as regular fabric and rolls up smaller, so easier to quilt. That's me Quilting Lite!

For my solids bee this paper pieced block. When I finished the block I thought I would never paper piece again. However, looking at the picture I love how it looks and I learned a new skill. Never say never.
My start quilt. Love the fabrics, however, I need to recut the filler blocks. Feels like a redo and that is always a staller for me. Soon!
All the other projects are waiting in the wings...calling!

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Happy Birthday to You!

Andrew's quilt is done and on it's way to Nova Scotia. I am hopeful it will arrive in time for his birthday but...I made the wrong choice at the post office. To get there in two days was $40+, I ended up spending $20+ anyway and it may take 10 business days. I put in the time to get it done and stumbled on the delivery. Choices!

 The rolled quilt.
 Yeah for sun in Vancouver.
 My favourite binding ever.

I am extremely happy with this quilt! Love it and hope he does too! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Friday Finishes: An update

We have been enjoying a gorgeous, hot, sunny, fabulous July. Not how our summer had been progressing, the switch up is invigorating.

Pinned Jordan's quilt! Yeah! Started the quilting! Yeah! No tucks, pleats or other unwanted additives on the back so far. Progressing nicely. No picture of the quilt, however, a picture of Jordan making muffins with mommy. A fabulous helper!

Well right up until I remembered a birthday. Stopped everything and started these placemats. I only have enough backing for two. Is it too crass to give them unbound and two for the birthday and then two for Christmas? I will have to think on how heartless I can be. It is the thought that counts right? I have been told by my son-in-law (not the recipient) that if it is not finished, it is not a present!

My cousin is coming to town. I have given it due consideration and have decided I cannot finish her quilt I two days. I do however have a couple more blocks done. 

Star quilt stalled due to trimming error as I was mindlessly following the directions. Note to self, engage brain when cutting. Sewing, brain optional as it can be undone! I have given it a great deal of thought and decided how to fix it. Easy peasy, just need to do it.

One brothers quilt is done and in the mail! The other is still in squares. I will post the pictures when I know he has received it.

On the personal front, June was not great. My anniversary was on the fifth and then there was Father's Day. The girls and I are all very sad. Grieving. And sad. So we have chatted about it and decided we can be sad, it is okay. We do not need to get over it, it is a journey that will last the rest of our lives, and we can be present to each stage. That being said it is time to buy groceries and cook something. So did buy groceries, have not yet cooked. One small step at a time.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Just One Slab


Please see link above for Just One Slab Quilts Recover Southern Alberta. Cheryl from 
Dining Room Empire is organizing quilts from slabs. Please stop by her blog to take a 
look at her fabulous efforts. It is comforting to know the quilts will live on long after 
the media will have forgotten.