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Monday, 15 June 2015

Saturday Dirt

The peas are up and blossoming. We have had 3 peas each! My vision of filling the freezer may not come to fruition this year. We are planting more peas!
 The potatoes however we may be eating forever. Good thing I love potatoes! Small hill of potatoes, they are flowering. I have heard you can gently reach in and grab a couple of potatoes, I am going to try it. There are 19 more plants to play with.
And my large compost bin of potatoes! Can hardly wait to see if this really works.
I now have huge plans of turning the entire backyard into a garden!

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  1. Just started a veg plot so no potatoes for us but I think I'm going to have a decent crop of peas. I'm the only one that likes them so I'll be happy xx