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Monday, 21 September 2015

Gifted, as in given away

I love weddings! The setting up, the taking down, the ceremony, meeting new people and especially catching up with old friends.
Bri and Kristian were married September 19, 2015. I used to babysit Bri when she was 3, we go way back. So fun to see the little toddler a beautiful, competent and accomplished woman.
They loved their name in the binding! I am so pleased with my new way to label my quilts. I love it. I have decided all my quilts will have a label in the binding. Is there a reason we don't do this? It doesn't hold up or wash well or...?

I loved making this quilt from start to finish. From the fabric, to the design, to cutting and sewing. All of it. I am hopeful all the love in this quilt will wrap Bri and Kristian in love all their days together.


  1. I love your idea to label the quilt in the binding. How creative!

    It is a gorgeous quilt, Pam. I would not be surprised that they love it at least as much as you loved creating it.

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

  2. This is a beautiful quilt and gift which will be treasured for many years.