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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Bee Blocks - I will do better!

Hello and welcome to March. This blog post was written in January however I neglected to press post. So January to March, the journey.  So this year I will:

1. Sew my stash - I have been shopping the sales so still have way too much fabric

2. Try and curtail my sewing spending - this is always the toughest - see above

January Bee Block

3. Blog regularly - I love writing and love looking back on what I am doing. 

Quilt 2 of 4 Niece and Nephew quilts

4. Keep up to date on my Wee Bee Canadian committments. 

February Bee Block

Health Goals and update:

Top of all the goals is to bring my sugar markers down. I started intermittant fasting a year ago and my sugar markers are still elevated. This month I am tightening up on my eating window to 10 - 4. Let's see if that moves the stubborn numbers. Also last year I quit drinking alcohol and carbonated beverages, I really did think that would make a difference with the sugar numbers. It did not. GRR

I have just recieved a diagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma. It is the red dot just down from the ear. I know, doesn't look like much. Just waiting for a call from the Skin Clinic.

Establish a daily yoga and meditation practice. This is a continuation of my yoga teacher training. I had a problem with my hip where I could not sit on the floor, very difficult to do yoga! I have a new chiropractor and we have mostly sorted through the problem. I am so looking forward to being able to move my body!

I would like to say get the house uncluttered but I don't really want to, so if it happens, great. Or not. I would like to live a life less cluttered.

Be the best me I can be! I can get behind that! I am looking forward to seeing who that is!

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Happy New Year!

We have had weather. Maybe that would be WEATHER. Freezing cold and snow and then buckets of rain. All is now green in our neck of the woods. A snapshot from our walk Christmas morning with my girls.

I have been working on finishing up projects. At least that is what I tell myself. It does not see like it is happenig. I bought a quilt for my nephew that they were selling at my LQS. It has fireside on the back. Wow is it lovely and soft, with a lovely weight to it. Very tempted to keep it, lol. I love it and feel like I got a real deal. I will send the quilt as a wedding present and this little quilt for their daughter, Nora, born the beginning of December.

I finished a couple of tops but am not really too keen on them. That's okay. I do not need to love all the things I make.

I did finish my quilt kit and it looks fabulous. I love baby quilts with flannel on the back, so cozy. 

I went for a walk and thought I would take a picture of 3 shrubs for the beaver scouts to identify. With covid we have moved back to virtual meetings. Not nearly as much fun as meeting outside in person but definitely warmer and dryer. Cedar, salal, huckleberry and fern.

Saturday, 18 December 2021

Is it time?

I ask myself, "Is it time?" 

Then I answer myself, "Soon, but not yet."

I usually reach my "I am not doing any more for Chistmas" around December 1st. This year I am happy to continue making, but I think it is for next Christmas. I had an aha moment when I was thinking about how am I going to get everything done? and how early do I need to start next year if I don't do it now? I think I need a better plan. 

 Maybe one Christmas thing a month? or just keep going so it is already for next year? 

That being said I have not started my Christmas sewing, lol. I have a quilt cut out and 4 more waiting in the rotary cutter pile. I have bowl cozies I am to finish. And the all important baby Christmas Quilt. 
That one I will finish.

I have several baby quilts in the pile of "Let's get this done" and 4 nephew neice quilts that are in various stages of needing just the binding to finishing the blocks. 

My mind has been preoccupied with my A1C lab results, the dreaded sugar marker. I am on the cusp of diabetes 2, 0.1% off. I am a firm believer in diet and exercise so that is what I will do. I have cut out all wine gums and chocolate. I have cut out most chips and cheese puffs. I have quit buying baking as that has huge amounts of sugar. (Good-bye lemon blueberry scone)


Wednesday, 3 November 2021

October Update

 I have been quite a squirrel. The mind goes off and the fingers follow. I have started lots and finished none. And I can tell you that creates a huge mess in the quilting area, and the surrounding space. The Kaffe quilts are the remaining 2 of 4. I do think I am going to cut more squares. One quilt was to be green and it is looking decidedly blue. Sigh! 

And I went to my LQS. Who ever thought that was a good idea I have no idea. I bought all kinds of material that I loved but do not need. I have enough fabric for my lifetime I am sure. Oh well, I did have fun!! As I have a new baby in the family I bought material for her Christmas quilt. I make one that is 2 peices of fabric, one quilting fabric, the other flannel, and make a special blanket they can use for the season. It is a big hit!!!I used to make stockings but am not sure if I am still doing that or not.

And into November we go!!

Friday, 16 July 2021

Economy Block WIP 4

 Yay!! to terrific Bee Mates. 

There are so many great fabric bits in this quilt. I can't wait to play eye spy with my grandkids!

Another fabulous long arm job by my cousin.

This is definitely a keeper! Now to finish up my Bee Blocks that are 1 1/2 years overdue! I may be able to find some of my fabric now that I have cleared up some WIP's.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

American Jane WIP 3

Love this fabric! Love this pattern!

American Jane Pot Luck and Cluck Cluck Sew Shortcake pattern. A winning combination! 
My cousin, the long arm magician, made this quilt amazing. 

This is the first of what was to be a twin set. Maybe when I clean up I can find the other jelly roll. 

Monday, 21 June 2021

Kaffe Quilt WIP 2

Two years ago Martin's daughter was going to get married. I asked her if she wanted a quilt. The answer was yes. Her colour preferences were autumn. Hmm what do I have in yellows, browns and golds. Kaffe Fassett to the rescue. His fabric is a favourite of mine for family quilts. It feels like awhile since I had visited my stash, they were better than I remembered. 

I put this together from some pre cut squares I had from some project I do not even remember (note to self, please include a note or pattern with cut bits). I am very happy with it. 

I sent it to my cousin for long arm quilting, it is now stunning. And there it sat for almost two years as the wedding was postponed due to covid.

In an effort to have some order in my quilting space (which is also our living room/lounge) I am finishing off past projects. The binding went onto this beauty as this was a low hanging fruit so to speak. 

I am very proud of this quilt. I know Kaffe is not for everyone sooo if she doesn't like it I may have to keep it.