Quilting fun for family and friends!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fall Already?

How did that happen? The days are still warm but the mornings and evenings have that chill to them. I may have rushed the season by starting my sewing earlier than I should have, however I was and am ready to spend weekends sewing. Don't get me wrong I love working in the garden, I would just rather be sewing.
My daughter asked me for q quilt for our long time family friend. So started, and finished in one weekend.
My favourite kind of quilt, simple squares! Ah love!
This fabric is fabulous for a boy, sharks and sea creatures. I had a moment when I thought it was too boring, went and bought more fabric, because why not, didn't use it anyway, cause that was too much thinking, and decided it turned out wonderfully in spite of myself. Now I have additional fabric for the next quilt. I did pick up this fabulous flannel for the back! Score!

My first commissioned quilt that I am accepting money for! It's for my daughters friend (I have three girls, lots of friends having babies). Will see if I actually get cash, lol.
The log cabin blocks are done. I am not feeling the love, sigh. I need a lay out that I like, or I need to add more blocks, or sashing, or a combination of all of the above. Opinions? Suggestions?

The harvest this weekend, wonderful bounty from the garden. these lemon cucumbers are wonderful. Very prolific and tasty. I made 14 jars of pickles! Not from just these three, lol.
I am so growing hollyhocks next year! Love them. This one is on my walk home.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

WIP Wednesday Bee blocks and Flimsies

I have been reading the posts about where have all the blogs gone. Rachel from Stitched in Color wrote a post and Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict wrote a response. I just want to say I read blogs everyday. I do not always comment which is my bad, but I always enjoy them. I opened an Instagram account but I am not sure I will use it. I like a slower pace, I don't always need instant gratification, sometimes I can wait. Also technology frustrates me no end until I get the hang of it. That's why I don't always comment on posts, I have to sign in every time, grr.

I am so pleased, my June, July and August bee blocks are made and in the mail. Still working on July, something about the herringbone block, I keep putting it off. They are started!
June - Garden Gate
July Herringbone
August Delectable Mountain

And the quilt tops! It was such a beautiful day I thought I would bring them out for pictures.
 MyKaffee Fassett all from scraps! Love it! It will be a wedding present. I have bought a border to make it a bit bigger.
 Plus Quilt. This is a tutorial from Simple Simon and Co. Super easy and very fast. They have a great blog which I have just found. Love new blogs!
 Abacus Quilt. This is huge at 70 x 88.
And my Shortcake Quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew, also a blog I follow and enjoy thoroughly.

It has been a fun summer so far with family and friends, gardens and canning, cooking and eating. Makes it hard to squish in the quilting. I will have to get these quilts finished up sometime....soon.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Meadowbloom Plus Quilt

Sometimes you come across fabric that just speaks to your heart, and falls in your basket. Twice. I just love the colours and the patterns. So did my grandson, it was almost his quilt.
I made this quilt with charm squares, so super easy and fast. Since I made my last plus quilt I have been wanting to make another. When I saw Meadowbloom by April Rosenthal I knew this was going to be a wonderful combination. The colours are wonderful, and seem to lend themselves perfectly to the pluses. I love it.
This quilt is for a lovely friend, just because. It could be because she is always there when you need her, or it could be because she just had a rough patch with family health issues, or it could be because she is so generous. Just because!
The back almost fit, had to piece a itty bit in one corner.
Over the long weekend we went to an antique store and I spotted this water feature. I did not care for garden statues but they are growing on me. It is so whimsical and I love it.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I am having a problem tracking my projects so thought a partial list might be in order.

Postage Baby quilt done and delivered. The recipient was very touched as it is her second baby. Guess she was told only one shower for the first baby. Second baby needs quilty love too. Same fabric for the two quilts.

Prairie Queen - for my brother-in-law. I put this out as a bee block and really love it. I just purchased some border material. Hope to have this finished this month.

For the Boys - From the Quilt Lovely book. Love this quilt. For my nephew turning 21! It was requested Black and Blue. So Black and Tan after the beer drink and blue for the accent. Love it!

and my Plus Quilt, ah, love!
So I am NOT counting my fabric in, however I will say that I used -5.5 on the Go Quilt, and -2.5 on the Postage Stamp Quilt. Tada!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bee block top

I asked my Bee Mates for blue and yellow Prairie Queen Blocks. They are now a top and I am in love! Love, love, love this quilt! It's a bit small so I think I'll add a border.
Worked on my cheater quilt. I think I will call it a panel quilt or a whole cloth quilt. Something that doesn't sound like I cut all kinds of corners. Really I just loved the panel and didn't want to cut it up. I am already having issues with giving it away as a baby quilt, sigh. And it's not even done! Now I have to decide which binding. Clown stripe or multi stripe? What do you think?
 Also working on my postage stamp quilt. This one needs to be finished quite quickly as my work mate is off the end of the month. She's having another boy.
30's playtime nine square, I am just loving this and could make these forever.
Also a 30's 16 square. Following a set colour pattern, may have to switch it up.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Charity Quilt

Every year for the past three years I have made a charity quilt or 2. The first two years it was to raise money for cancer. this year I heard of a little boy who fell off a trampoline. He has been in the hospital for almost two months now. It felt so nice to gift him and his family a quilty hug.

Go Quilt - the colours in the middle picture are most true.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Baby Blankets - 4, 5 and 6

Whoohoo, I am on a roll. Do 2 blog posts make a roll?

I did manage to finish my February, March and May Bee Blocks. Thanks for being so patient ladies! I have fabulous bee mates.

 February! This was very fun.
March, I am not sure of my colour placement but it was an enjoyable block. A lot of trimming however.
And May! Jen is working on a quilt with 2 different blocks. Can't wait to see the finished product. It is going to be beautiful.

A second DNA quilt,
An Animal Patchwork,

And a Thirties Patchwork.

Baby quilts 4, 5 and 6.