Quilting fun for family and friends!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Jordan's Quilt

Last year I decided to make all the grand kids big girl/boy quilts for their bed. For the girl quilts I used Cora Queen of the Sea. The fabric choice pretty well decided itself. While I was in the fabric store one of the customers was showing off her quilt. Love at first site. I had to have it!! So I bought enough for two quilts. Fast forward to November 2017 and I have all four made and their backings however could not get it together to get them quilted. I toyed with the idea of sending them to my cousin to long arm but why should my bad planning be her headache! Fine, I will give them for birthday gifts. Jordan's is first up.
 Love the colours!

 I pieced the back from my stash.
 I thought I would free motion quilt sea shells. Not so great but super fun.
One quilt finished.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Sylvie's Table Topper

We moved from our 2 bedroom condo to a 5 bedroom house on April 1. I loved my condo however it was getting small for the 4 of us. We have been living together for 3 years. While Robi was younger it was very doable, however now he is 4 it is too small for all of us. So we purchased a multi-generational house with my other daughter and son-in-law. We went from 3 adults and one child to 5 adults and one child. I have a suite in the basement, supposedly so I can sew. I have not yet dragged out the machine.

In the condo, Sylvie would come in every two weeks to clean. She has been taking care of us for 10 years and is like a part of the family. We tried to get her to move with us but it is too far for her.
 As a thank you for all her care I made her a table topper from some of my favourite fabrics.
She is thrilled! We miss her terribly!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Grand kid Quilts

I received a phone call from my daughter asking if I could move London's quilt up the queue. Jordan received her big girl quilt for her birthday in March and Robi his big boy quilt in May. London's birthday is not until November, for a four year old that is a long time away. Currently the two girls are in bunk beds and whether by design or accident Jordan's quilt slides down the side of her upper bunk. London then grabs the end and there is war. My daughter has had enough and asked that I please get London's done.
Jordan's Birthday quilt 

 Robi's Birthday quilt
I saw London on Saturday and she looks at me and asks if her quilt is done. No, I respond, I am here watching you dance. I can see she will be an unrelenting task master. I can feel the whip.

Of course it is all Nanny's fault as these were to have been Christmas quilts in 2017 which would have solved all the problems, sigh.

The garden is looking good. The deer have left the base of the peas so not sure if they will flower. Not sure I will get any fresh garden peas this year. Too bad as they are my favourite!! I remember my grandmother, sitting in an Adirondack chair in her backyard, wearing a button down the front house dress, shelling peas. It is one of my special memories.

We did get strawberries as Martin built a cage around them. Yeah Martin!!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Twin Boy Quilts

These are the best quilts ever! Hungry Caterpillar Fabric and a pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew! Fabulous! I would like to take credit but I just sewed the seams.

 My daughters friend had twin boys so the quilts are similar and only the backing is different.
 I used flannel on the back to make it extra cozy.

So cute! I am very happy with this finish!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

April Bee Block

Wonky House Blocks - they were fun to do. My be mate asked for cats in the window. I was happy to find any cat material in my stash!
Our Wee Bee Canadian is over until September. Oh I am ready for summer. The garden is in, the lawn has been mowed three times and the deer are waiting for me to leave so they can eat the young shoots.
The tenants left garbage out, look who found take out.
Life is good!

Friday, 11 May 2018

Baby Quilt for a beautiful girl

This was a quick quilt! Or I needed it to be done quick.
I had my grandkids for a couple of days and needed some quiet quilting to do. Cutting in the kitchen works. I had picked up this kit from my local quilt store with no specific purpose so it seemed like the time. When I got back to work I found out my co worker had adopted a  baby girl. Serendipitous! Does this ever happen to you? It has to me, where I start a quilt and then the reason appears? So I got busy and sewed this quilt up. It is larger than my usual baby quilt at 51 inches square.
Love the chevron  backing.
Baby quilt number 3. It was a big hit at the shower.

Fabric from stash 4 metres

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

March Bee Block

They were late but they were done. I must say I was surprised at the amount of fabric in these.
We moved to a family house on March 31. Two daughters, two son-in-laws and one grandson. We are having the time of our lives checking out the new neighbourhood, joining the gym and running groups and taking evening walks up the crunch (250 steps and something beyond) have not yet made it to the top.
We have beautiful magnolia trees on our street. Magnificent!