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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A flimsy

 My daughter asked me for a baby quilt. For 2 weeks from now. "Don't you have them hanging around, already finished" Sometimes, but not this time. So I look around for some of those odd blocks I like to make when I have no interest in anything and lo and behold Sweet 16 blocks! Score!
Quickly whip up a flimsy. Add sashing to bring it up to size and voila! It is too big for my batting and my backing. grr. Threaded the needle wrong and 2 rows of quilting had jumped stitches. grr.
Plan B, took out the hand stitching in my Cross Quilt, washed it and it looks fabulous. And on time! Tada super mom!!!!
Last of the produce from the garden. Not sure I will get any squash as they are all quite small and the days are getting shorter and cooler.
Hello Fall!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

An Oldie

This is my oldest WIP! Yahoo! Done! And I still like it!
This is my litany of excuses. When I first moved down to North Vancouver I took a quilting class on Diamonds. I had the sewing machine but no stash or anything. My ruler did not have the angle required, it was mismarked. and rather than buy a new ruler (who knew that 15 years later I would have dozens of rules), I choose to borrow one off and on. This does not work!
Also I made it a queen size rather than the throw suggested. Well that is daunting. Really I need quick finishes. I worked on this off and on for a couple of years. More off than on. The women I took the class with finished 4 quilts and said she would finish mine. Why did I not take her up on it?
I did find the binding in my stash. If I bought some at the time I do not know where it went. I feel like I bought enough stripe to also be the binding, but I cannot even find the box of leftovers. I had it in my hand and then pouf, gone.
This was the last quilt I started/worked on until my granddaughter came along 6 years ago. Something about little babies! I had to make her a quilt.  And I am so glad I did. It has been my solace, my rock, my constant place, and a huge joy.
And when I watch TV I do not feel guilty because I am also quilting!!!
Not sure I can count this as out of my stash. But I can definitely count it as off my WIP pile!!!!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

In the garden

Today I went from this....
To this! Dilly Beans! They are a family favourite!

Baby Quilt 7

Just found out about this new little guy when I saw the announcement photos. He is already over a month old.
They are living in Edmonton so wanted to do something coastal. Not sure we have any pirates but sea life we do have.

The last time I made this quilt I was doing random. Way too much thinking when it came time to lay it out as I don't like the same fabric next to each other and it is quite a bit of moving and rearranging to get a pleasing layout. This time I went with the same nine square layout. No thinking or planning. Love how I could sit and sew and not think. Sometimes these are my favourite sewing meditations.
Winging its way to Oscar.

Saturday, 15 July 2017


HOHOHO! Hello and welcome to day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas in July blog hop. Thank you Sarah Craig for organizing this fabulous event. I love Christmas so having it twice in one year is a huge bonus. Scroll down to the end for the information on how to enter the give-away. Christmas with fabric! yes!

For my grandchildren I make them a super simple whole cloth quilt. I make them in cotton with flannel on the back. Flannel is so cozy. I pre-washed the flannel but not the panel.
First I even up the fabric. I do not worry too much about having it equal all around I really just wanted it square.
I am a real cheater when it comes to basting these days and just smooth the quilt top (lots of smoothing) and guide it with my hands through the walking foot. Are the quilt police reading this?

I quilted it with a spiral and my walking foot. I started off real slow, a couple of stitches then moved the quilt. I laid a corning ware lid down to get the first row and went out from there. When I had finished the rest of the quilting I went back after and filled in the middle.
The red stripe was too small so I had to piece it. This probably took the longest to do, mostly because I put it off! Procrastination, thinking about took longer than doing it, erg.
I bound it with red cotton as I dislike binding with flannel. I sew to the front, trim to 1/4 inch, wrap to the back and sew down. On looking at the pictures I probably should have changed the bobbin colour to white to blend in better.
I am working on labeling my quilts so played with the letters on my Janome. All in all very happy with this quick and cheerful Christmas Baby Quilt.
Frosty really got around when he was finished. He took a tour of Martin's place.

Frosty with the peas.
Frosty with the blackcurrents.
Frosty with the bolting asparagus.
Frosty with the Christmas Cactus.
And Frosty with the snapdragons.
Frosty with the boxwood and statue. Merry Christmas 6 months and 10 days early!

Please stop in and visit the other blogs on the blog hop. They all provide wonderful projects and ideas to get the Christmas lists done now. Of course you could wait until December. HOHOHO!

And did I mention there are prizes? Stop by Sarah's blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict for all the information on the prizes and how to enter.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

In the Garden

This week in the garden....

I harvested garlic



We also had...

Strawberries for the first time in years. We put a cage around them so the deer didn't eat them, and
Black currants. We had the fruit in yogurt for breakfast. It was wonderful. The currents are so tart and flavourful.

I also put two different kinds of peas in the potato salad, snow peas and regular peas. I love eating out of the garden!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Elephant Parade finish

I was lucky enough to win a pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts. I chose Elephant Parade as I knew I had this baby quilt to make. Fabulous pattern. If you are interested in adorable pieced animals go stop by her web site, they are well written and so super cute.Thank you!

It was gifted this weekend.

It is already well loved. Finish 8

Baby Cross Quilt

I loved this quilt when I saw the tutorial on Simple Simon's blog. I cut and sewed it up immediately. Then I found big stitch hand quilting. I am so in love.
 It does look like my 6 year old granddaughter did it but I love it!!!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Shoreline Baby Quilt

This quilt was bought specifically to make this quilt. The direction was to make a quilt that reflects the shallow water, sand beach and rocky shore. I think the fabrics capture the feel wonderfully. The quilt does not scream baby but I think the mom will love it.
I had a few problems while I was putting this on point. Never thought I was doing one side different than the other. Oh well, seam ripper and I got a work out. Next time I will sew all the rows together. Then add the setting triangles and only then sew it together.
I love this backing fabric. It doesn't show up in the pictures all that well but it is seagulls in blue and beige. Horrid colour in the picture but you can almost see the birds.
Posting on Needle and Thread Network.

Monday, 19 June 2017

I Won!

I won, I won, I won!

Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts drew my name and I won $25 to Fabric Please!

Fabulous service, my parcel arrived within days of ordering. And Rita added a surprise fat quarter. Very sweet of her. I didn't take a picture when it arrived but it was wrapped up with brown paper and string. My favorite things!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Rolling Stone - a very short tutorial

Hello Bee Mates! Greeting from sunny Roberts Creek. Not hot but sunny. We will take it!

My block this month is the rolling stone. It is for my daughters wedding and her colours are indigo and merlot.

I was asked for the colour placement so made up a little tutorial. My first ever so ...

Cut the following for each 12.5 inch block:

White: 4 at 2.5 x 4.5, 4 at 3 3/8 square
Merlot: 1 at 4.5 inches square, 2 at 3 3/8 square (cut in half diagonally)
Indigo: 4 at 25 x 4.5, 6 at 3 3/8 square (cut in half diagonally)
Take each of the white squares and fold in half to get the centre. Line up the red triangle so the point is on the mid line of the white square. Sew all four red triangles to the white squares. Do this 4 times. This is great to chain piece.
Add a blue triangle to the opposite side of the square. Do this 4 times.
Fold the white square in half in the other direction to line up the other two sides.
Iron and trim to 4.5 inches. Centre the white corners on the lines of the cutting mat and trim to 1/4 inch over all around to get a 4.5 inch block.

Sew a white rectangle to a indigo rectangle. Do this 4 times. Assemble the block as below. Hope this is clear.