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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Not what I should be doing

My goal for January is to finish the Lady of the Lake. One goal, should be doable, however, something about the word should sends me off track. I was showing my daughter my Jungle Bungle blocks and the next thing I knew.... I have been working on these other projects instead.

Cheesy Churn Dash. I just had to pull out the blocks and have a look at them. Imagine my surprise when I saw they were completed. I have been sewing on the sashing. Still love me a Churn Dash!

Turquoise Garden Maze. I was unsure of the lay out on these. Do I want them scrappy or more of a unit? On hold while I ponder.
Green Simply Woven. Made a few more slices and sewed them together. Ready for some early morning ironing. As I live in an apartment I feel it would be unkind to the neighbours to start sewing at 6:00. I try and choose quieter activities.
My bee block is done and in the mail. Hope she likes the colours. Could have sworn I took a picture?!?

As I was making the Shoo Fly I thought I would make my co worker her Christmas gift. Last year it was coasters so this year a table centre. She likes green.

I am trying a single binding that I read about over the holidays. Seemed like a good idea at the time but may be too fiddly to sew down. I am hoping for a less bulky finish.

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  1. What a wonderful explosion of colour! Your blocks are all gorgeous! Hope your Lady of the Lake will manage to grab your attention and hold it long enough for you to accomplish your goal for this month. Looking forward to seeing her done!

  2. Single binding used to be the norm. If your backing was wide enough, you could have folded it over to the front to use it as binding. Another alternative that was used. It does seem that there is more fabric being used these days with the waste in paper piecing and the double fold bindings.

  3. LOVE all of your bright colours. Cheesy Churn Dash is awesome :) Will have to scroll back and look at your lady of the lake. Love that block too - you COULD work on it if you want too (wink)

  4. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for welcoming me to Bloglovin, way back when. I have been somewhat absent from blogging and didn't see your comment. Still on it now :). I love your churn dash blocks, so bright and vibrant.


  5. I also have an orange churn block on my do to list. Just love them!

  6. the colors in these blocks are so much fun. They are so saturated, it's fantastic!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. Lots of block yumminess. Love the cheddar churn dashes. And the simply woven. And the bird fabric. And and and.... You have great taste in fabric. Happy Quilting.