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Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Finish

Baby quilts 1 and 2 done! I am very excited as I have been battling to sew. I am putting in the hours but not feeling the drive. Which just goes to show that perseverance wins in the end.

My favourite patchwork with 30's style fabric. I love feedback backing! A meander over all the seam lines with my walking foot. Definitely my go to for quilting.

My go to pattern for charm square packs. The backing was in my stash. This was quilted with the same meander as above but not just in the ditch. Love how it turned out!

Two very different quilts and both are bound with blue houndstooth. Washed and dried.
Looking at my UFO completed block pile. Hmmm which project next.
I am going to be generous and call this 5 meters out of my stash! Win!


  1. Two beautiful finished quilts! I love them both!!

  2. Some new moms are going to be thrilled with those quilts.