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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Christmas Count Down - 47 sleeps

I am making quilts for Christmas. Three twin quilts are done!! Yeah! 2 Coral of the Sea

and one pirate. I am not sure why but cutting borders always stalls my projects. These three quilts need an inner and outer border cut and sewn on. Then they are done. I need to cut all the squares for one more pirate quilt.

Done for Christmas, Brandon's quilt. Finished photos to come
Byron's 2 year old Christmas quilt.
To do Tatum's quilt, flimsy complete.

Andrew's quilt needs to be put together

and Jerome's quilt needs to be picked apart. grrrr!


  1. Here is a way to 'like' cutting borders.... maybe!??! Do you cut your borders along the selvage (length of fabric) or across your fabric (selvage to selvage)?? The reason I ask is because the WOF makes for a few seams that you have to sew before you can actually put the border on. LOF makes a clea piece of fabric, no seams and because it has no stretch in it, I think makes a much nicer way to border a quilt. And I love that you are reall getting things done for your Christmas list. Hmmm, I should really be getting on that I think!!

  2. Love turquoise and pink together in a quilt!

  3. ooh - what little I can see of Brandon's quilt looks neat!

  4. Hi Pam,
    Wowee - lots of quilts being completed at your house. I have not had the same success, but mine are not for Christmas thankfully. I am sorry you have to rip out Jerome's quilt, but I look forward to seeing Brandon's! ~smile~ Roseanne

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