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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

WIP Wednesday - Focus!

This week was much better for focus. I completed the 2nd flimsy of Sunnyside DNA quilt and it is quilted.
 This quilt turned out much smaller than anticipated. So I started putting the borders on. I think this will be a much better size.
The first flimsy of the Sunnyside DNA quilt had an oopsie. Grrr! Sure glad I took a picture of it. That was how I caught the mistake.
No fabric purchased this week!!!


  1. Love that double helix pattern Pam - it made a beautiful design for a quilt! Love the HST quilt too - I have some of those same owl fabrics.

  2. Love the design, the fabrics - for both of them. seriously cool quilting going on here!

  3. Very fun pattern. Guess your first flimsy needed some gene therapy?

  4. Both of these are such pretty pieces! Isn't it funny that it you don't notice the mistake until after taking a photo? I have had that happen so many times!