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Friday, 19 February 2016

Baby Quilts Finished - Yeah!

I love having a deadline. Baby shower at 11:30 Friday. I got up at 5:00 this week to finish up the two baby quilts needed for today. I had already decided I could gift them unfinished, but finished is better. And it's a finish for my 2016 First Quarter Goal!

DNA quilt. Love Kate Spain and the Sunnyside fabric grew on me for the babyquilt. That plus my grandson loved it.

I am very proud of this next baby quilt. I consider this a scrap quilt so I am extremely pleased it turned out. It was all the leftovers from the Asterix quilt finished in January.

Baby quilts 2 & 3 finished and gifted! Yeah!


  1. So nice to finish up projects fast! Bonus in that they are loved! Very cute!

  2. Wow, Pam. I LOVE your Asterix scrap quilt. In fact, I like it more than the Asterix quilt (and... I really like the Asterix quilt). If this is your own pattern, I hope you publish it. The colour placement and combination are just right.

  3. PS - the DNA quilt is very nice too. I'm simply awestruck by your scrap quilt. ;-)

  4. What sweet baby quilts and such a great use of leftovers. Congrats on finishing them on time - they're a wonderful gift.

  5. They are both great - and that is a lucky baby! Now you can get some sleep this weekend!

  6. These quilts are beautiful! Are you aware you can get two entries if you link them separately? This one link will work for one and if you have one on FB or IG you can link that photo. Totally up to you. Thank you for sharing them with the FAL community on behalf of the FAL global hosts.