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Friday, 29 January 2016

OMG - Done!

Done! And I love this quilt. The fabric is so boy, cute without being babyish. Love it. 2016 First Quarter Goal Done!
Was not sure about the quilting but I am so glad I went with the double grid. I am not sure what happened because I was planning one row of wavy lines over the seams. Half the work!
The binding is this fabulous stripe. Love the way is is carried from the quilt top. Always like a striped binding. 
So glad this quilt is done and can now be gifted, and before his one year birthday too!


  1. Very cute! I adore striped bindings too:)
    Congrats reaching your goal!

  2. Love your quilt! It is hard to use multiple prints next to each other, and yours look really good. Like you, I tend to prefer quilting designs that take more work. It is right for the piecing design though, so worth it here.

  3. Great quilt and the quilting really makes it. I'm a huge fan of stripey and spotted bindings. Adds that element of fun to the quilt

  4. Works beautifully. Agree about the striped binding too.