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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WIP Wednesday

This was going to be a short post, oops. I have started 4 baby quilts this week, I need 5, at least.

1 Owl HST baby quilt, needs to be quilted and bound. I am very pleased with this quilt as it used the left overs from my Asterix Quilt.

2 Sunnyside HST quilts. One quilt requires borders, quilting and binding, the other still needs to be sewn together. I am stalling on this quilt as I am not sure they look like baby quilts. I am very happy to be using my leftover charm squares but the idea I stole off blog had spectacular quilting to make it stunning. Did not fully think the idea through, just loved her quilts so much.

I have cut out my Valentine Quilt. Just love Pam Kitty Morning fabric! This quilt is for me! I am toying with the idea of having quilts for special occasions. 

I also cut out my Shortcake quilt. Fabric is Wee Play by American Jane and the pattern is by Cluck Cluck Sew. This is so super cute! 

Truck quilt needs to be ironed and stock taken. I started this quilt in the fall and am not sure where it is at.

Tula Pink Misdirection quilt needs some work too. I am trimming the flying geese and sewing it together. Note to self, make notes to self. I started sewing this together and got the pink and blue confused. Erg! Now I need to find fabric to make a couple more HSTs or figure something else out. Stall. This was for my granddaughters second birthday, last November.

Monkey brain! Cannot settle and am jumping from project to project, erg. I need to get some quilts finished.

I have added pictures to my FAL goals.

Fabric bought this week: 3.5 metres - backing and binding, on sale, couldn't find anything in my stash and 3 metres of white
Fabric used this week: 1 jelly roll (2.5 metres) of Wee Play and 1.5 metres of white for Cluck Cluck Sew pattern, Shortcake; 1 metre for Owl HST baby quilt, 2 metres for 2 Sunnyside HST baby quilts
Net to stash: -.5 metre, yay, at least I am going in the correct direction.


  1. That half square triangles flimsy is great. I'm sure with the finishes it will be delightful for a baby quilt. I'm a big fan of geese too. Listing the goals certainly helps, at least I found that so and you can do a little of each so that you don't get bored/frustrated.

  2. I love the Sunnyside fabrics, made a quilt with that in 2014, such lovely colours. You've been busy and will be busy for a while...have fun!

  3. I love all your projects. Obviously, you are very busy. Having several projects lets you choose what you are in the mood for. Although, I find it helps if they all use the same thread, so I don't have to rethread the machine.

  4. I think it makes a wonderful baby quilt!! Very modern! :)

  5. What a wonderful week you've had. I think your Sunnyside HST quilt would make a beautiful baby quilt.

  6. Wow, you are busy, Pam! Someday, I'd love to go fabric shopping with you. You choose such cute and colourful pieces. I especially love your Valentines fabrics!

    Thank you for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

  7. All of your quilts look so happy! Love your Valentine quilt fabric. And the bold graphic trucks. Enjoy finishing all those baby quilts :)

  8. I think the sunnyside HST quilt looks fine for a baby quilt - so clean and modern! Just keep going ;) You have been busy with all of these quilts!

  9. I think the sunnyside HST quilt looks fine for a baby quilt - so clean and modern! Just keep going ;) You have been busy with all of these quilts!