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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Poodle Brain

Who knew it would be so hard to follow a pattern. I had it correct, once.  Well almost correct. My seam ripper and I did complete one block.
Then I tried to make a dog facing the opposite direction. Erg!!! I thought I had them down.

 Blocks 2 and 3 are looking like vintage fabric I have taken them apart so often. Dog 2 no longer looks like he is crying and Dog 3 has his feet going the correct direction. You will have to take my word as I tossed them in the mail as soon as they were complete.
Needed some decompression sewing, i.e. easy, simple, do not have to think about it sewing. Ah the calming Churn Dash.
And as I promised myself I would work on UFO's I pulled out Strawberry Field. Uh oh, do those greens really go?


  1. Hi Pam, just popped over to check out your blog after reading your guest post on Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Love those doggies :-)

  2. Oh my I have never seen poodle blocks before! Glad you were able to get things all going in the right direction-that can be so frustrating.

  3. Hi Pam! Your poodles are so cute! What a fun block! I like also your other projects and I think the green goes well! x Teje