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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WIP trimming

I try not to trim blocks. Drives me crazy. Not sure why. However all the quilters I admire do trim. So here it is, my trim pile.
Am I a quilter now? 


  1. It might seem tedious, but here's what I did with mine, which were just about as slender: http://runninghen.blogspot.com/2014/11/three-dimensional-art-quilts.html
    There's a way to use everything, LOL

  2. I normally do not trim either. But my latest project Simple Gifts had such odd shaped blocks it was a must. I chuckled when I saw your thumbnail photo because in my post I also put a picture of my trimmings and scraps. LOL. See http://dianeloves2quilt.blogspot.com/2015/02/simple-gifts-trim-tweak-time.html

  3. i hate trimming too, but i have been trying..aka still not doing it but thinking about it..lol

  4. I think if you are truly hard core, I think you sandwich the bits between pieces of wash away stabilizer and create more fabric to be trimmed. Of course, that borders on insanity, but i have seen it done.

  5. I ONLY trim blocks on patterns that are specifically designed with that "fudge factor" and need to be trimmed down.

  6. Kate's comment is cracking me up!
    Pam, I only sometimes trim, based on mood and on how wonky my sewing was. LOL