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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WIP my secret quilt

I have admired this quilt since I saw it in a magazine. My family thought it was boring. Black Dress II. Swoon! They also reminded me I was not to be buying fabric, since I was on the fabric fast and all.
 So, I bought the material in secret. Have cut it out in secret. And I am still in love! I feel as if I am having an illicit love affair. It is so exciting when I get time to work on it! Don't tell.


  1. sneaky sneaky..lol lovely blocks

  2. I am terrible with secrets! Such a traditional pattern but those fabrics make it 'modern', I think.

  3. Hahahah Pam that is too funny. I can see why you had to buy those fabrics - very nice!

  4. Hi Pam…I emailed you, but thought I would send you a message here too. I picked you as my consolation prize winner, from my Sew Sister's Quilt Shop giveaway…drawing was this past Monday.
    Please get back to me with your full name and snail mail addy.
    Jacqueline Frances of Quilt, sew Happy!~ blog
    snausages22 (at) yahoo.ca