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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

WIP Wednesday

Where did that month go? Still working on the projects from last month.

Baby quilt finished and gifted. I love making baby quilts, mostly because I love babys! ABC Menangerie top and a Feedsack III for the backing. I am developing a real crush on the reproduction prints. Love. I sewed the binding down by machine. I am telling myself it is more durable.

March Bee Block completed. I am in awe of my Bee Mates and their forward thinking planning skills. They picked a block then sent out fabric and paper pieced patterns! Wow!!!
April Bee Block completed. I may be starting to warm up to paper piecing.
Sunnyside is still sitting there, waiting to be completed. I bought batting, I had a plan for the weekend, I was getting that quilt out the door, and I cut it too small. Who does that? Measure twice cut once!  Could have sworn I measure four times, easily. Sigh!
I now have Seascape and  Green Lattice sewn together as tops. And I have the backing! Maybe the cut too small batting from project above will fit, grrr.

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