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Sunday, 27 April 2014

April Fabric Fast

So when do you record a fabric purchase, when you order the fabric or when it comes in? So the two fabrics I have purchased are acceptable under the terms of the fast.
The quilt back for my charity quilt. This is charity quilt number two for me. Kind of weird having people bid and pay actual money for a quilt I made.

The second purchase is for a Veracruz quilt that my friend wants me to make for her mother! A commission, sort of. I purchased the fabric for the quilt and she will pay me for the fabric. I will get the left overs!!! Win!!! Fabric and I did not buy it!!!! It has come in and I love it. Love!!! The colours are bright and beautiful. I have, however, since purchasing said fabric decided the pattern is making a quilt that is too big. So I will scale it back by a dozen blocks! What this means is more fabric for me! Or a matching throw for my friend, we will see.
I purchased the fabrics from Hawthorne Threads. Fabulous service and very fast.

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  1. Love that alphabet backing print! Perfect. And certainly permissible purchases!!

  2. I love the bold florals in this fabric. Whenever I make a quilt for a friend, I always agree as long as they let me keep the scraps. :)

  3. Yay for free fabric! I love the colors in that veracruz bundle. With the exception of the birds, I want everything in the bottom right. :)