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Monday, 27 May 2013

May Bee Blocks

Well another month is here and it is time for the Bee Blocks.

For the Simply Solids: a modern bee, this triangle block. The block is quite large but fun to do. My Bee mate posted a tutorial if you wanted to give it a try. The link is to Little D and Me at learningtosewasigo.blogspot.ca/2013/04/simply-solids-triangles.html

 The next block up was the Garden Fence block. These were requested to be in her daughters favourite colours. This just happens to be my daughters favourite colours too. Bet their quilt does not turn out orange and green like my daughters quilt. Some people can just stay on target! I think I need lessons.

Every month I think how lucky I am to be in a quilting bee. Love it to pieces. 

Thank you ladies!!!

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  1. I really like that triangle block - thanks for the link. I see a definite colour theme happening here - love it! Those pops of orange really make the blue sing. Thanks for stopping by my blog!