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Saturday, 25 May 2013

April Bee Blocks

The Bee Block finishes. Very fun blocks.

Scrappy Jar Star block.

Paint Box block. I seem to have misplaced the pictures. Gone! They were extremely cute.

Heart block. The blocks are not that big, that is a little person's hand. Jordan is my biggest fan.

Love being in Bee's. They make me keep going, or just get up and start sewing. As it is for someone else, you can not put it off. Sometimes outside motivation is all you have. Work it baby!


  1. Fun colours for your scrap jar! Love those hearts. :-)

  2. Those colours just ZING! Wonderful!

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  3. I love both those blocks! How do you find out about bees? I'm a newcomer to the communal aspect of quilting, but it sounds like fun to have a deadline.

  4. Great little start to something special I'm sure!

  5. Those hearts are so pretty! And such a cute little hand!

  6. Great blocks, and I agree with your take on outside motivation.