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Monday, 29 May 2017

Log Cabin Slice - Complete

Log Cabin Slice or Melinda's Quilt is complete. I had a few problems with the layout on this one. So when in doubt contact the recipient. She had no problems picking out the layout she liked.
I had bought the two different green and white fabrics and loved it in the border. Win! All the rest of the top was from my stash!
I think I mixed up what I was going to do with the borders, as I was hoping for the white/green border then have the purple border with the binding wrap the quilt. I do not mind it like this and I sure wasn't going to take it apart. But it was a real note to self ....write notes so I know what I had planned and what I had cut. I cut the border width by dividing the fabric I had by the six pieces I would need.
The backing was also from my stash.Amazing that the stash keeps growing!
Delivered to the birthday girl and already well loved!
I am calling this down 6 metres of fabric.


  1. That is so pretty! I love the blues and greens together!

  2. That certainly is a bright happy quilt. Perfect for a birthday gift.