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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fall Already?

How did that happen? The days are still warm but the mornings and evenings have that chill to them. I may have rushed the season by starting my sewing earlier than I should have, however I was and am ready to spend weekends sewing. Don't get me wrong I love working in the garden, I would just rather be sewing.
My daughter asked me for q quilt for our long time family friend. So started, and finished in one weekend.
My favourite kind of quilt, simple squares! Ah love!
This fabric is fabulous for a boy, sharks and sea creatures. I had a moment when I thought it was too boring, went and bought more fabric, because why not, didn't use it anyway, cause that was too much thinking, and decided it turned out wonderfully in spite of myself. Now I have additional fabric for the next quilt. I did pick up this fabulous flannel for the back! Score!

My first commissioned quilt that I am accepting money for! It's for my daughters friend (I have three girls, lots of friends having babies). Will see if I actually get cash, lol.
The log cabin blocks are done. I am not feeling the love, sigh. I need a lay out that I like, or I need to add more blocks, or sashing, or a combination of all of the above. Opinions? Suggestions?

The harvest this weekend, wonderful bounty from the garden. these lemon cucumbers are wonderful. Very prolific and tasty. I made 14 jars of pickles! Not from just these three, lol.
I am so growing hollyhocks next year! Love them. This one is on my walk home.


  1. Since I'm not a quilter as such I have no idea what advice to offer re your blocks. It's a mystery to me sometimes how quilters make their decisions:)Lemon cucumbers? I have never seen them before. I must check them out for next year.

  2. I like the third staircase layout for those log cabin blocks. But sometimes you just need to rearrange and let it set, then rearrange and repeat until you are happy with it. It will speak to you eventually. All quilts do. :)

  3. Your patchwork square quilt is so fun and cute! I love how you placed your colors! I have a bunch of Christmas fabric cut into squares from a previous project....guess what you inspired me to do? :)

  4. I agree the the Fields & Furrows diagonal lines are the most graphic and very attractive. I say thatsimple squares always look good! Tell us what we're dying to hear; what did you charge for the quilt? hope you get it!

  5. I love quilts made with simple patchwork squares, too! Yours is so fun - I especially like the orange in it. I also like the third layout for your log cabins.

  6. Your squares lovely, lots of colour & a simple design, win win!

  7. Such pretty squares♥ All the best for October ♥