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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bee block top

I asked my Bee Mates for blue and yellow Prairie Queen Blocks. They are now a top and I am in love! Love, love, love this quilt! It's a bit small so I think I'll add a border.
Worked on my cheater quilt. I think I will call it a panel quilt or a whole cloth quilt. Something that doesn't sound like I cut all kinds of corners. Really I just loved the panel and didn't want to cut it up. I am already having issues with giving it away as a baby quilt, sigh. And it's not even done! Now I have to decide which binding. Clown stripe or multi stripe? What do you think?
 Also working on my postage stamp quilt. This one needs to be finished quite quickly as my work mate is off the end of the month. She's having another boy.
30's playtime nine square, I am just loving this and could make these forever.
Also a 30's 16 square. Following a set colour pattern, may have to switch it up.


  1. Multi stripe. I also love your Prairie Queen quilt; that is a very interesting block. Your stamp quilt is coming along nicely (Once again, you've inspired me to add that to my project list!)

    My you have a lot of beautiful projects on the go! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Everything is great, Pam.....love the Prairie Queen top

  3. THose Prairie Queen blocks are really neat!

  4. That blue quilt top looks amazing! All of your projects look wonderful. Hope you get the baby quilt done by the deadline!

  5. Lots of fun going on here! I especially like the 30s 9 patches. I love 30s repro fabrics AND nine patches so combined together really appeals to me!

  6. Love your current quilt projects! I like the multi coloured binding - all the animal blocks are incorporate the colours I think.