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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Finish #21

It seems like you sew and sew and don't get anywhere and then all at once finish after finish. I must say it is quite satisfying.

I had planned a different quilt for this baby, Hannah, but did not get it together. This quilt was for my grandchild who should be born in December. Well that is a long way off, should be able to make another by then. Gulp!

I have long had the Hourglass quilt block on my bucket list. I love it made with 30'2 Playtime. Love! The traditional pattern and the traditional fabric, ahhh love! I must say my daughters were quite daunted by the industriousness of the Sunbonnet Sue. Everyday of the week!!!
The backing is in honor of my Aunt Sue. She made my daughter a quilt 30 odd years ago. And started my love of playing with fabric. Thank you Aunt Sue.


  1. Pam, you quilts are always adorable. I've had my eye on that hourglass pattern for a long time. I love the colours you chose.

    Thank you to Aunt Sue that you are not only creating, but also sharing.

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday.

  2. I love your front and your back I love when there is also interest in the back of quilts, it is always fun when you have a finish, then you can start another while you are still enjoying the last.

  3. tradition is always lovely to see and sunbonnet sue especially so...

  4. Gorgeous quilt! Best wishes for the new arrival!

  5. Oh my! What a lovely little quilt! I love Sunbonnet Sue and your hourglass quilt. Those are pretty colors. Anything 1930's is cheerful and fun.
    I added you to my Google+ list. I'm not sure what, exactly, that means for anyone but I keep adding quilters in the hope that I'll figure it out one day and discover some magical world or something. lol I'll definitely share that if it happens!