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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

WIP Wednesday - Flimsy Edition part 2

I received an email invitation from my cousin, for her birthday bash. How did it happen to be August already! I have not finished her partners retirement quilt from February! Eeeek! So mad dash at the sewing machine and I have a flimsy. Phew! I had to quickly make 2 more blocks, because I did not know, or had forgotten, that Jelly Rolls only have 40 strips. Why do they put different numbers of pieces in the different pre-cut packs? Cakes have 42, a perfect number for a 6 x 7 square quilt.
Of course I think that at 48 x 56 it is a bit small but the other half of me says "Oh well! Get it done!" The justifications run like this. He is a short guy, I am out of time, better a quilt than not a quilt. It is an okay size for a lap quilt. And on and on.
And a baby quilt for my friend's first grand baby. It was due in July. 

Not sure if I have batting at home so may have to cobble a batting (or 2) together. How did I get so far behind? 


  1. Great flimsies. I'm sure your friend would love a smaller quilt

  2. Nothing wrong with a great lap quilt! Love the squares :)

  3. Love your star quilt and your 16 patch! I've been sewing 16 patches for a few days so yours caught my eye right away upon seeing it on N&TT.

    1. Hi Sheri, it has been on my list as a have to make quilt. I am loving it and may have to make another.

  4. Funny how time flies. Sometimes the best things come from procrastination and deadlines. I hope you get them quilted in time. Great quilts.