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Monday, 1 June 2015

Saturday dirt

So this week I am very excited. I purchased 2 mint plants. One is garden mint and the other is grapefruit mint. They smell like heaven! As I was digging a hole in my plot I was politely told that I may not plant mint loose in the garden. Sigh. I now have a very tiny pot that has my 2 mints in them. 
I also planted 2 rows of bush snap peas. Can hardly wait for them to come up.
 I switched plots with a neighbour and she had 2 kinds of chard, a radicchio and a green plant that over wintered. Not sure what the green plant is but my daughter said it was the best greens ever! Super exciting!
 I have been reading up on sustainable living and adapting in place. Love the concepts. The current book is “Making Home” by Sharon Astyk. It really speaks to me. I am going to try to live with less of a footprint.

I have been making steel cut oats in my pressure cooker every morning. I put them in the pot at night, set the timer and voila, fabulous oatmeal ready first thing in the morning.  I use oats, water, almond milk, raisons and, of course, cinnamon. Love my cinnamon!  This has got to be one of the most cost efficient breakfasts out there. I purchased a 1 kg bag (2.2 pounds) for $6.00. I looked on line and that is 8 cups. For a breakfast of 4 that is $.75 or $.19 cents each. I am not counting the milk, nuts, cinnamon  and raisons I put on them but still super economical. Anyone have anything inexpensive they eat for breakfast? Please let me know and I can add it to the breakfast line up for a change.

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