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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Wee Bee Canadian 2014 Finished!

My camera battery is dead. Where is that battery charger??? So I took a few with my iPad. Wow that is tricky.  Still looking for the battery charger. More photos with the iPad. They look to me as if they are improving!!

October Bee Block Part 1 was the Christmas Road to Tennessee. I must say I was sorry to be late with this block however sewing with the Christmas fabrics really put me in the mood! Yeah I love Christmas.
October Bee Block Part 2 was the Japanese x and + Block. After having made this block I am so going to make one for myself. It has been on my list for ages. I have been collecting the fabric for a couple of years.
December Bee Block was Leaf Block. Not sure what happened here. I usually love colour. The brighter the better but these muted blocks really spoke to me. I hope my bee mate likes them as much as I do. Really feeling the low contrast. Very meditative!
My month is November so I am caught up until January! Yahoo!


  1. Amazing blocks! Now you're free to work on something else! Hope you find your charger!

  2. Great blocks! The maple leaf is a block i have been making for projects for 20+ years--i love it

  3. Your bee blocks are quite lovely and my heart has a soft spot for the maple leaf block. :)

  4. Such vibrant bee blocks! It is nice to be caught up. What is next?