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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

WIP Wednesday - Stars Finished

This quilt was cut out while my friend Amanda was visiting me from Scotland. She admired the colours, oohed and awed over the design, and was just a good friend about it all. Especially for a non quilter friend! Little did she know this quilt was always for her. It was what we did while she was my companion during Rob's 2 day surgery. She was a lifeline. She knit and I cut out.
 Straight line vertical quilting. Just love it.
 At 68 x 80 it looks quite lovely on the bed. The extras I added cannot even be seen.
Teal has always been her favourite colour so I know she will love the back. Even her wedding dress was teal!
I used Victoria & Albert Museum Fabrics which just always seemed so perfect for her. I hope she loves this quilt as much as I do.


  1. Your stitching in the ditch looks perfect. Did you use an invisible thread ?

  2. What a great quilt for a great friend. I love the wonky stars and all the colours. The quilting is a perfect complement.

  3. A fantastic quilt, and such a generous present!

  4. A great present, but it sounds like she really deserves it. The teal is lovely.