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Saturday, 13 April 2013

2013 FAL - Q2

I was going to connect my WIP Wednesday to this 2013 Finish-A-Long with Leanne - she can quilt, however, on further consideration listing what is undone is not the same as making a commitment to finish. So on to a goal oriented post!

1. Must finish by May 15 Kelly's placemats for her March birthday. 2 are done, totally complete, yah. I need to sew the bind on 2 and hand stitch the binding on the last 2. I spent last night taking out the machine binding I had tried. It was a wonderful tutorial for a zig zag attachment from Sew, Mama, Sew, however, I had run out of binding material so had to make the material I had stretch. The binding strips were 1 inch wide. Tiny! I like to use 2.5 inch binding anyways and trying a new process....well the second placemat looked waaaay better than the first but not good enough. Besides I had finished the hand sewing and it was a toss up to machine sewing the binding on or taking out the other 2 so I had more hand sewing. Hand sewing wins every time!!!

2. Must finish Kelly's Trees and Courthouse Steps for her Cross the Bar ceremony on May 17. See a theme...I am going to Smithers and these FINISHED projects must come with me. It is also her first anniversary... I will buy something!

3. Morgan's Nevermore quilt must be finished by May 22, her birthday. I have the material and I have a  few sample blocks, which looks fabulous. Definitely number three to finish.

LOST!!! I've lost it! Okay I feel a LOTR post coming on. I was going to take a photo. Found the material, but cannot find the sample blocks. They are lost. Question: How do you know you have too much material? Answer: There is never too much material just bad organization.

4. My brothers quilt. It is a completed top and must be finished by July 6, his birthday. I can always down grade this to a Christmas quilt but I think he is going to be 49... for the first time. It would sure be nice to surprise him.

5. Jordan's big girl quilt. I would really like to finish this, however, (oh my Goodness, is it still a goal if they are howevered?) her birthday was in March and she is little and knows nothing about dates. She does know it is her material and she does know it is her quilt. When the fabric came in the mail she would not let anyone else touch the bags. "Jordan's Material". I was really unsure how she would take it when I started sewing the blocks but it just morphed into "Jordan's Quilt". Phew! Playing with fabric in plastic bags is waaay different than playing with unfinished blocks.

I have plenty more that need to be finished, however, I will save them for next quarter! Linking up with 2013 Finish-A-Long with Leanne - she can quilt. www.shecanquilt.blogspot.ca

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  1. Pam, that's quite a list! Good luck! I will be cheering you on!