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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Kate Spain WIP 1

 Happy New Year! So I am a little behind in my posting and my quilting.

I pulled fabric for 3 adult nieces quilts. I have quite the stash of Kaffe Fasset, however I ordered a ton more fabric. And I decided to make the nephew a quilt too. I should have kept with the make one quilt idea. I am having difficulties focusing and getting them done.

Of the fabric I ordered I have now misplaced the piece I need to finish off the blocks, grr.

I am taking the opportunity to put the binding on a few quilts I sent to my cousin for long arming. She does amazing work.

This quilt has been a top for quite awhile. It is Cuzco by Kate Spain. Loved it then, love it now!!

The next quilt to finish up!

I am hopeful when I clear out some of the WIP's I will find my fabric!

Gifted to Jenn and Joseph for all the help they provided at my wedding!! Thank you!!

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  1. Love the colors in Cuzco and they way it looks all together. Neat design!